This week all seems like a prep week for me, there is just so much on the horizon. It feels like not that my summer is getting closer, 6th edition and new vistas are opening up. The Necron second wave is just around the corner along with a few Space Marine models, and I very much hope to see our first 6th edition codex very soon.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Necron Second Wave
We are a few short days away from pictures of this Necron Second Wave. Beasts of War really does get the inside scoop when it comes down to what we are going to be seeing in the ways of necrons. It makes you wonder what they have slumbering in their basements.

I know it appears that we will be short a few flyers for this wave, and although it is sad, I am not losing much sleep over it. It is though one of the few reasons I have not started a necron army. (just not enough models out for it). I think that is also the reason I am not pushing my Dark Eldar that much nowadays. I really want to see two models...... Asdrubael Vect and the Voidraven.

I think we will see the Doomscythe very soon. Its going to be a wonderful summer for Necrons, and I am hoping to see much more of them soon.

Space Marines
New Legion of the Damned models? I suppose that's cool, its just not something I am all the interested in at the moment. I suppose they are just moving to finecast, so they are not new models. Perhaps when we see a new flyer it will revitalize Space Marine players, as most new non-painted armies are just simply playing the latest codex. It would be nice to see another resurgence of the standard codex, which I feel is still the best all around codex in the game.

Know No Fear
All I have to say about it right now is that it is an amazing book. Its graphical details about the onslaught of the Word Bearers is incredible to read. I did have a hard time with the format of the writing at the very beginning, but quickly fell into it as the horror and descriptiveness of the words took dominance.

Great book, and definitely one of Dan Abnett's finest. I will be finishing it today.

Grey Knights
Done... At least for now. Time to get the primer on and start painting. I think that finally after completing 70 Grey Knights, I have finally gotten the knack of putting these monstrosities together. Do not get me wrong, I love the models, I love the detail and how they look afterwards, but I just do not like how they go together.

I am however excited to get them finished, so I will hopefully be spending the day in my yard painting.

I have been sitting on partially done terrain, and a partially done video tutorial for too long. I have 6 or 7 craters I am trying to wrap up, and although it should only take me a few minutes to finish them, it seems between reading Know No Fear and working on my Strike Squads, I am too short on time to finish them.

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