There are quite a few things I love about Grey Knights. Even the fluff (cough cough) is not that bad, and I enjoy reading it. However there is one thing that frustrates me beyond anything when it comes to them.

When the codex first came out, I did not jump immediately into this army. In fact it took me quite awhile to do so. I did however read the codex from start to finish before hand, like I always do. During this, my first interest of course was a list based on Coteaz. After all, if I started a Grey Knights army, I have 10 chimeras, a ton of inquisition stuff and assassins I could no longer use. With that in mind, a Grey Knight Coteaz list seemed very logical, since I already started with half the models I figured I could use. So counting up that I have 8000pts or more of Imperial Guard, it was a logical thing to just go forward with a Grey Knight list.

I am a huge fan of autocannons. My first Autocannons were with my Night Lords back in 1999. Back then you were able to take veterans as troop choices and elites if you played Night Lords. So I would take 9 units of 5 with two autocannons in each, and they would all be able to infiltrate. then a few havocs, a fun HQ, and there was my army. Rhinos never survived rd 1. It was fun.

Then came my Imperial Guard Army. I have a good amount of Autocannons. Hydra Flak Autocannons were the best, and I quickly built 6 hydra flak tanks, which was to me the ultamate in Autocannon use.

Then there is the psycannon. Same Strength as the Autocannon with shorter range but a higher rate of fire and it rends. Love it, need it. Combine that with autocannons with psybolt ammo on your dreads, why not go grey knights.

So I bought a bunch. I loved the purifier. I quickly built 4 squads of 10. Was fielding Coteaz and Crowe together. Figured I was done. Moved forward to using strike squads and some terminators. However I had forgot one thing when I bought the purifiers and had put them together.........

I absolutely hate how Grey Knights go together. With a frustrating passion. I had forgotten this until last night, when I started putting another 35 Grey Knights together. They are great when you get their pose just right at the correct angle for their arms, but anything else seems almost impossible, and I hate them.

OK, back to work........ 10 models, down 25 to go.

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