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The Most Amazing Talos Conversion Ever

This thing is amazing, which is not hard to swallow when you realize who did the conversion. It was not me, but dont worry I will be posting a link here in a minute.

I wanted to say that when it comes to modelling, some people can convert, and some can paint. It is a rare person in our hobby can not only do both well, but has that artistic eye needed to excel at both of them.

I am not going to share a pic here, instead I want you if you got this far to simply follow the link and check out his site because even though I think this Talos is a masterpiece, its not the only model he has done.

Here is the link to Eldar Addict

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  1. Whiile I love conversions, on the talos Iam really drawn to the painting of it. I would even say Golden Deamon worthy...buts thats just me.

  2. it looks how it should before it was conversioned...

  3. While I really like what he's done, I think I prefered the scratchbuild someone did that looked exactly like the art in the codex. I'll see if I can find the link somewhere.

    Found it on this blog.

  5. I'm with Shrike.
    That talos from GD France was a work of art. Subtle and perfect.

    This is just...noisy. There is so much...STUFF lumped onto the model, and then there is more stuff glued to the end of that initial stuff. It reminds me of the jokes people make about 40King something up by adding more skulls, except in this case the modeler added more drills :/

    If you want to see another nice Talos conversion, this one gets my bet:

    From GD UK 2011:

  6. Thanks Natfka for the mad props and link to my site. He is a fun model to paint and build. Still some work left to do on him. I really like the french Talos that was made as well.