A little late night snippet, discussing whether or not we are going to see flyers as part of the 6th edition or as something else. Also spotted in the GW distribution centre is what appears to be an Ork Aircraft.

Please remember that his is a rumor and to grant it the standard amount of salt.

via Harry
I would say probable that fliers rules and scenarios will be part of the 6th ed core rules

As for the models ... maybe not released with the core rules but possibly following right on its tail in July, August and September .... as White Dwarf releases, (like we got the rules for the VC big kit in WD).

Not that this rules out a supplement a few months after which expands on the basic flyer rules and adds more fun stuff and scenarios you can try to get even more air miles out of your new fliers.

via The Underdog
 I can confirm the existence of the Ork flier. No idea what it is for certain but there are boxes on the shelves of the GW distribution centre containing what appeared to be an Ork aircraft - I assume this means we will see it in the next few months!

(please note: I did not get a close look at this and merely saw it on a shelf at a distance - I did also see Necron wraiths and tomb spiders though and the cover of the next white dwarf - with a large Necron on it!)

I was rather a way form said box. I'm not even 100% sure it was orky tbh - I'm saying it was based on the shape - very similar to Ork aircraft from FW and the box colour being the usual Ork yellow.....

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