The latest rumor.... Dark Angels are next. Now there are a few of you, especially Tastytaste over at Blood of Kittens that have said this all along. This rumor places the next codex release at May/June for Dark Angels, plus adds more chaplin and ravenwing hints.

Please remember that this is a rumor, so please add salt.

via Maverick13
Dark angels May/June I hear.
Hi all. A mate at work whos brother works over at the printers gw use was back home for easter this past weekend and shared some intresting things. DARK ANGELS are aparently next and set for next couple of months.

Aparrently stuff we have heard re chaplin wolfguard style units is not far from the mark. They are to get a new speeder varient.

New elite ravenwing unit.

I was also told of a new psychic power that works similarly to some sort of shield that a necron unit gets. Basically it forces a unit targeting librarian to hit an allied unit instead. Not familiar with new necron book so not sure what that is.

Know it is not much . Second hand info and all but his stuff matched what i had read here so thought i would pass it on.

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