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Presence of Faeit: Autumn of Flyers, Night Lords, Dark Eldar

With Empire very much out and about now, I am hoping to return to a more 40k oriented set of rumors once we get past the first weekend in April. The one thing for sure, is that I still think this will be a big year for warhammer 40k. Call me an optimist, but already Warhammer Fantasy has had two releases, and I think that should keep Fantasy for a while, while we move forward to some 40k codex releases.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Dark Eldar
I have finally given up working on the sails of my custom raiders. After a ton of various attempts to get the sails just right, I am breaking down and going to buy some bits. Time to start searching through ebay. I figured while I am there, I might as well buy a bunch of bits to get some of the models complete while I am at it.

So while I am doing that, I am putting my Dark Eldar away again. I just cannot stand to play with an army in such disarray. I need to get them done.

So I figure I should be able to stay under a $100 on all the bits I want. While my first search will be through ebay, if anyone has other locations they search for bits, I would be interested in the knowledge.

Autumn of Flyers
While a lot of sites are talking about the Autumn of Flyers now, I think its important to talk about the previous Summer of Flyers a little bit. While it was Stickmonkey's rumor that was shot down, and brought a lot of negative feedback, I personally think he just had the information a little too early. That being said, I do think we will see this warhammer 40k supplement, but I am thinking it will probably not be this coming Autumn. Instead I am predicting it will be later, sometime next year.

As for flyers, yes, I think we are going to get them in the upcoming release of 6th edition. That means new models for quite a few of the codices that are already out. It makes perfect logic that if there is to be a supplement, after we get a few more flyers into upcoming codices. With Tau and Eldar rumored by Harry to be out next year, the flyer supplement makes better sense to be attached to 2013, and not this year. A later release just gives Games Workshop more time to get a Space Marine flyer, Tau, Eldar and other armies a chance to get something new.

New models? I do not expect a wave of flyers released. The rumors say this as well, and I think that a lot of sites are giving misleading information with keeping to the idea that we will see a large group of flyers released for all the armies. If they are not saying this directly, they will are insinuating it, by not differentiating the current rumor sets with what we had in the past, which was a full line up of new models for the supplement.

Night Lords
Had a game a few nights ago with my Dark Eldar vs the Night Lords. The Night Lords did get their revenge on this one. It was a brutal game, and after 3 rounds, it looked like I would be tabling the chaos army in front of me. Well, a couple big things went wrong, and next thing I know I am screwed, and my entire backfield fell apart.

The game was annihilation so victory point wise it was 15 to 13 at the end of 5. That's a really close game. Which really goes to show just how vulnerable Dark Eldar are, and how quickly things can turn. I will be doing a battle report on it, as soon as I can get my computer to take the photos again.

Faeit 212 BlogExchange
Tomorrow I will be catching up with the blog exchange and getting all those spotlights up. It was a hard week to say the least, and I was not able to get any blog exchange posts up last Monday. So if you either sent me an email or posted up in the comment section, expect to see the spotlights done tomorrow for your site.

April Fools Day
I wont be posting any rumors today, as its just one of those days. I've learned just to not post any rumor up today.

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  1. Hey I know like 3 really good bits websites for nearly all the armies.

  2. Re: eldar sails, what if you took fabric, cut into triangles, painted with gloss clear acrylic to stiffen and let dry on a wax papered, curved surface, then attach to boat?
    you could even do some nifty freehand on the sails before.

    joe drache

  3. "Your an optimist"

    You did ask.

    Actually I'm liking the idea of waiting for Tau until after 6th Edition and autumn of flyers.

    Did I actually say that? Crazy Talk! But a undeniably 6th Edition codex, with flyers galore and the rules/supplement to go with....that would make a wait worth while.

    Just my opinion, which many a Tauist would disagree with. Pitchfolks sharpening, torches lighting and I am outta here!


  4. I personaly believe that flyers won't be ahuge thing for 6th as it would lose FW sales if GW made "affordable" fliers. just my opinion

    1. Keep in mind... They did do the Trygon... and several other kits seemed to have stepped on one anothers toes. Now GW has announced they wont be releasing anything FW has done. With that said, I think we'll see kits that forgeworld can only do, such as larger scaled things and then GW doing what they do best, raise prices on smaller products.

      Who knows... maybe FW will eventually just assimilate into GW anyways?

  5. Your an optimist... 'tis true! lol

    Hopefully the fliers are a full supplement like Apoc, and not like the WH Fleet based thing...