A video from the Black Library about the upcoming limited edition novel The Unkindness of Ravens, which is available coming May 7th. The book and even much more for me, the artwork sounds promising. Personally I just ordered Deliverence Lost, and am going to be starting Know No Fear tonight or tomorrow.

via the Black Library
Captain Daed and his Brazen Minotaurs fight a hopeless battle on a vital world, assaulting an impenetrable fortress held by their treacherous foes. When help arrives in the form of the Raven Guard, commanded by Daed’s old ally, Captain Koryn, the Imperial forces finally have a chance of victory. But can the subtle stealth forces of the Raven Guard and the bold, brash Brazen Minotaurs work together, or will they all be doomed?

•Strictly limited to 3,000 copies worldwide
•Numbered and hand-signed by the author
•Gatefold matte black dust jacket
•Black cloth bound cover with gloss black Raven Guard symbol
•Includes the illustrated short story Helion Rain
•Nineteen internal illustrations by Karl Richardson

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