Finally I am moving forwards on my Grey Knights. I have had enough work with my purifiers and dreads to know how I want to play them, and its time to move forward with a newly refined list. Of course this means losing a couple things that I enjoy, so I figured I would move forward. Here are a couple of the things going away in my lists...

Psyriflemen Dreads.
A great unit on the board. Its really amazing that these get to fight as long as they do, and tactically on the table top, they are amazing. Even when it comes down to late game and having to assault units with them. Reinforced aegis is also just an amazing amount of fun. The problem.. vulnerable to strong shooting lists, and they are ap4.

Venerable Dreads.
I also love these almost impossible to kill models. They are extremely fun, and annoying to destroy for your opponent. Just too expensive for what I need. I might look into other options later, but they are elites.

I have used these over and over. In reality your list must be set up around Librarians for them to work well. Since I did not want to do this, I am moving on.

The Inquisition
Love em. Nice Cheap, can do some really cool things. I mean how else do you get a 12pt troop choice? The problem is that I like to destroy my opponents models. Too much limitations, and not enough killy.

Really, there is a ton you can do to kill psykers with Grey Knights. Psycocculums are extremely fun, especially when combined with psykers, you can easily get a BS10, S10, AP1 large blast. Can't forget the storm raven with its assassinate any psyker on the field missiles. Fun, not as effective as I need on my lists.

What can I say, 150pts that walks around and doesn't add much

Too expensive and too vulnerable to losing that much of your army. Still a ton of fun. They could find a way back in, but at those point costs, its hard.

Its not that these are going away for good, Its just that there are too many almost better possibilities with other units. Some may get incorporated into my newly refined lists, but for now they are being shelved. In the near future I will post up on my adjustments and why.

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