(Updated to be current with the latest image). Here is the 4th image of the Dark Angel on the back spine of April's White Dwarf. I am still looking for someone that has all of them and has posted up a picture.

Update: the image is just below.

Here are all the images put together.

This one is from  Ian Logsdon's link below  in the comments. photoshopped from the previous images we had.

The title image and a little insight comes from a reader here, Mistwarden.

via Mistwarden
last months white dwarf, the last page said that there wouild be new warhammer spells for storm of magic this is in mays copy, but at the end of may they said there be a 40k battle report.

to end off the guy in the store said that there no flyers as they may be comeing in august with 6th eddition

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