Chaos Space Marines are something we very much want to see and find any real additional information. This morning we have new Chaos rumors that will stir things up.

These come to us via Tastytaste from Blood of Kittens. He is often cryptic and vague, but often with things that turn out right. Many of us remember his rumor sets from Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle, and Necrons. There was quite a bit of decent information then, so I am sure we are hoping his information will be on top of it again, even if it sometimes gets a little cryptic. (I personally enjoy his rumors).

Please remember that these are rumors. Salt Required

via Tastytaste
It is about time we get some information on the new Chaos Space Marine codex. Before we get right into let us start out with some ground rules.

The Chaos Space Marine codex is the only 40k codex for this year. It is not going to be divided into two codexes or anything special. This is not the return 3.5 codex everyone has been wanting this is more a clean up than anything else.

With that said let us get started.
Troops choices will be Chaos Space Marines and Cultists

All Cult Marines are Elites

No new Special Characters

Special Characters will unlock Cult Marines as troops (Kharn for Berserkers and so on)

Typhus makes Cultists into Zombies

Chaos Dreadnaught is removed and replaced with a new unit (like how pariahs were replaced with Lychguard)

CSM now get a Flyer a Mechanical Chaos Dragon (model is done will be part of initial release)

Lesser and Greater Demons are gone

Spawn replaced by “Fell Beast”

I feel like I am missing something…
Oh yeah…
Almost Forgot...
Rules for Traitor Guard are in!

Comments via Natfka
Chaos Dreadnought being replaced? I imagine its simply being replaced with another dreadnought type unit. Contemptor style? Maybe reclassed as a daemon engine that is customizable?

A Mechanical Chaos Dragon, I have no idea what this one means. Just a Dragon named flyer?

Lesser and Greater Daemons are gone? Good riddance, we want marines and cultist, and traitor guard

Comments via BramGaunt
As far as I've been told the unlock thing is correct, BUT!

Kharn, Ahriman etc unlock cult troops as general troop choices, as many as you whish. I heard that for each general HQ choice you grant a mark of a Chaos God, you can take one Cult Unit as core aswell. So, an army with Kharn could have as many Units of Berzerkers to go along with him as he whishes, because he's usually surounded by these guys. If you 'only' have a Chaos General with Khorne's favor he still may grant one unit of his favorites to the general to support his cause.

I was also told that you would have to name one of your HQs as your army's general, because that's the one who'll give you troop choices. So if you had Ahriman and Kharn, you'd have to pick between berzerkers and Thousand Sons as troop choices, you won't have both

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