Terrain: Vehicle Craters

I finally decided to make some vehicle craters for all those exploded vehicles on the table top. I figured 6 was a good number to start with, although I think I will end up making some more.

The big push is that I needed to get something besides some plasti-card for vehicle wrecks. It just looks getto for the videos I am working on. I spent three hours or so with Chris from Knightfall games talking about how to film videos for battle reports etc. So I have learned some better filming and editing techniques that I am chomping at the bit to get moving on.

I will end up adding these to the terrain building tutorial on the site later perhaps this weekend. For now I just wanted to post up on what I have been doing.

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  1. Have you (or considered) creating dangerous terrain like lava, or toxic rivers etc. Because I just started this morning on creating dangerous terrains with a friend. Hopefully we can be finished by the end of the week but I wa just curious if you had done anythig of the sorts.

    1. Not yet no. No immediate plans, but you never know

  2. They look great and are an inspiration to get off my #%^* and build some too. The only criticism would be the lack of flattish spaces to stand figures on/in. Should look great in the videos.


  3. My only criticism would be that if the vehicle exploded, then there would be a crater with parts scattered randomly around it, and the ground would look a bit scorched.
    On the other hand, what you've done looks great!

  4. My goal instead of scorched ground, was give the impression that there is still smoke and debris floating around. Some scorched ground though makes sense, and will be added.

    My next 6 will be a little larger and a little flatter, so 10 models fit onto them a little easier. The current ones do well with 5-7 models, and then get a little rough after that.