Today there is more information regarding the 2nd wave release of Necrons, coming to us from the Beasts of War. Check out the latest......

Please remember that these are still rumors until we see the writting on the wall.

via the Beasts of War
Here’s the updated list:
■Triarch Stalker – Full Plastic Kit (1 per box)
■Tomb Blade – Full Plastic Kit (3 per box)
■Canoptek Wraith – Full Plastic Kit (3 per box)
■Canoptek Spyder – Full Plastic Kit (1 per box)
■Nemesor Zahndrekh – Finecast
■Vargard Obyron – Finecast
■Illuminor Szeras – Finecast
■Destroyer Lord Upgrade Pack – Finecast Bits
■Heavy Destroyer Upgrade Pack – Finecast Bits

If you’re a Vanilla Space Marine player, then you might be interested in the Finecast release of the Legion of the Damned models, plus a Finecast version of Chief Librarian Tigarius… although if you’re not a Marine player

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