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Presence of Faeit: Rumors and Shamanism, Night Lord Plasma Nightmare, Dream Release Schedule

Today is Easter Sunday, so I will be brief. However I did want to mention getting a game in against the Chaos Marines loaded down with just overwhelming plasma. I fielded my anti-psyker Grey Knight list loaded with Purifiers against them, and it was not pretty. It really was the first time this list was pushed this hard.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

I have finally sat down and figured out how to do video. This is a big step forward, so I am planning on putting together battle reports now in video when I have the time to do so. I was going to just do a full one, however my game was cancelled at the last minute last night.

So the good news is that I will be doing full video battle reports now. They should be interesting.

Night Lords and Plasma
I just have a few words without going into a full battle report that I have video for..... Ouch. To put it mildly, I was in charge of round 1 and 2. After that all semblance of order left the field. I was set up to destroy psykers, dead. Well, that failed all game long........  as I was not able to get even one of them. In fact, lash and plasma were wrecking me even when lash failed and I had cover. It was a Capture and Control game, and I had his objective at the bottom of 3. A unit of purifiers with a grenaded out techmarine took both a 5 man marine squad and a full 10 man squad, and was able to set up in full cover. Even with his lash failing...... he teleported in his terminators and brought a chosen squad to bring the full death of plasma to me...... I lost everything. 15 rapid fire plasma shots ripped into those trees for a total of 30 shots. Nothing survived. I lost a full unit of 10 with the techmarine.

That was not the only unit I lost like like that. Havocs with 4 plasmas hit with 7 and killed 7 out of another 10 man unit of purifiers, and things started going south after that. Somehow my unit holding my objective with reinforced aegis was able to be lashed away and then lashed again. While I was able to get back, by then someone else was there as well. No objectives were held after 6 rounds, and it looked like after 7 if it had went that far, that we would both be holding our own, but no that was it. Crazy game in the end.

For you plasma naysayers, he lost two marines to plasma in that game, and fielded 32 plasma weapons I think.

Site went past 3 million views about a week or so ago. Pretty exciting.

Rumors and Shamanism
For the most part this week is all about Empire for Fantasy. I am looking forward to moving past this release, because its time for some warhammer 40k stuff to appear.

Reading on some other sites, I find it funny how people instantly dismiss Harry's rumor set on flyers and seeing Chaos Legions and Dark Angels this year. I suppose its possible we will only get one of the two and some xenos towards the end of the year, however the rumor mongers have said more than once now that we will be seeing Tau and Eldar next year, so whats left? Chaos Daemons? Not entirely logical, however I understand how people want to look to patterns for releases.

I would equate these patterns everyone holds dear to shamanism and reading the bones to see patterns on how they fall, but I wont go that far. Releases do fall into patterns, as alternating Imperial / xenos is just a sound of way of doing it. With 6th edition coming around, seeing Chaos Legions and Dark Angels is logical with both of them appearing in the starter set, the mystery image on White Dwarf, and even some of the rumors.

Something that is interesting is that so far Fantasy has now had two releases in 4 months. That makes it pretty easy to see a 3rd fantasy release this year. Could 40k do the same thing. With 6th edition coming out it seems unlikely. However I would be interested in seeing what codex people think is coming out, since I can only speak for what I read and what I myself think. Chaos Daemons? Tau? Eldar? Could one of these come out this year?

Dream Scenario........
My dream release schedule would look something like this..................
Chaos Legions- May
6th Edition- July
Chaos Daemons- August
Dark Angels- November

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  1. I used to use plasma cannons all the time when I was playing the BA White Dwarf Codex, I think maybe I lost 4 or 5 in all the games I played. So, almost never.

  2. I am a bit hesitant about plasma, most games I loose none. But my last game I lost seven out of eight plasma gunners and this was around round two of the game.

    I have never been so owned by Tau...

  3. I still can't seem t grasp why there needs to be ANOTHER SM codex. Seriously they just got a bunch in the last couplebof year and people still want DA and BT? Too me working on xenos aspect is more interesting. If the imperium is supposedly being pushed back then why are they always releasing crap for them? It's just disgusting how everyone expects a codex for Teiresias army every 3-4 months...

    1. It's just that imperials are so popular.

    2. With all the Horus Heresy book buzz and how few chapters have their own books and models, I think GW sees the $$$ with little additional work. Sell more SM sprues with a few sprues of extras and conversion packs is pure profit. Just a theory..

  4. I dont believe Legions will be out before 6th as wouldnt it gibr at huge info on 6th? Id much rather have it be IG akd necron releases the maybe Fantasy for june the 6th ed july then CSM a little later... Just my opinion

  5. Tau in November! Thats what I'm hoping and praying for at least. and With Dark Eldar, and Necrons out before christmas of the last two years. I hope the pattern continues. Of Xenos Thanksgiving.

  6. If Chaos Legions gets released before 6th edition I hope they don't end up like Beastmen in Fantasy, meaning that they get stuck in a rut between editions and become sub-par

  7. 32 plasma guns? what does he do when he plays a mech army? Sounds like a tailored list imo

    1. The list also comes with 9 melta weapons, 4 autocannons and two lascannons. Not to mention plenty of chainfists, and power weapons. Not very tailored, just extreme plasma.

    2. Getting twitchy.

  8. I don't want to see any new codices before 6th ed. drops. With necrons last year seemingly set up to take advantage of 6th ed rules, anything closer we'll look back and say "aww man why couldn't it have just waited 3 months so it's part of the new edition?"

    The hobbit is released in theaters in december, so we might see a release from GW in november, as december is always holiday releases. Or maybe january. If january, we know there's more lotr releases coming, so looking forwards I am expecting this, somewhat pessimistically, in the hope that I will be pleasantly surprised:

    May: lotr or necron 2nd wave/whatever models

    June: whatever did not drop in may, or more hopefully, 6th edition.

    July: 6th ed.

    next 4 months, some combination of DA/Chaos legions, a new fantasy army and one or two filler months.

    November: The hobbit. Optimistically, a new codex, probably whichever did not get released for DA/Chaos in the previous months.

  9. Replies
    1. I can give you rough idea since most of my stuff is in storage and i left my stuff at Natfka's place.

      -Chaos Terminator Sorcerer w/combi-plasma and lash

      -Chaos Sorcerer w/plasma pistol and lash

      -Chaos Terminators x10 chainfist x3, combi-plasma x10

      -2 Chaos Marine Squad(10) w/Lascannon

      -3 Chaos Marine Squad(5) w/meltagun, combi-melta, and rhino w/combi-melta

      -2 Havoc Squad(5) w/Plasma x4, Rhino w/combi-plasma

      -2 Chosen Squad(5) w/plasma x5

      -Havoc Squad(5) w/Autocannon x4

  10. i disagree with this whole dark angels are 6th ed i mean people only spoke about it after the mysterious white dwarf spines. And remember when the rumors of BT and Tau were everywhere yeah did they ever appear no so why should dark angels. The way i see it rumor mongers saw the spine and took it as a sign that DA are next and made some rumors, i mean call them reliable but if you make a 1000 guesses your bound to get some right, but then agian thats rumors for you, just my opinion dont get angry and say i'm an idiot. I reckon tha very few people actually have any clue whatsoever what is next and many will be reluctant to share for obvious reasons, more likely than not tau or eldar are near and have a few snippets here and there of rumors but everyone so wound up in DA and CSM that the message is not heard. Just my opinion and an opinion is never wrong unless it is factually based in which case it is a misconception which can be wrong.

    1. @ ^ i do believe that DA are very 6th edition but we constantly over/under estimate their release. But ive always had a sneaking suspicion BT were gonna get white dwarfed but who knows? Of course your entitled to your opinion but dont arrogantly say so. Also if we know the entire release schedule this year then Whts thw point of blogs or forums dedicated to this topic? Call me cynnical but i happen to enjoy the rumor train as it is often exiting and keeps me guessing.

    2. You all so have the new 40k painting starter set DA models with the moulded chapter icons.A big hint at DA's being in the next ed. starter set.

  11. I've used a plasma list with 26 plasma weapons counting the oblits. Nobody does plasma like Chaos, one of their ignored strengths. Plasma Havocs are few and far between....

    1. i totally agree. Love Plasma, such a great death to most armies except for horde armies, lol. Plasma just cant kill enough lol.

  12. I run a pure Death Guard list. Four plague marine units with two plasma each and a 5 man termie unit bristling with combi-plasma. Pure murder!!