This is some of the best artwork you can find in the 40k universe. Neil Roberts has hit the nail on the head again. Two Primarchs battle battle off against Eldar Revenants. The Primarchs is now available for pre-order starting today! Link to jump on it.

Close ups below, enjoy...

via the Black Library
Take a look at this awe inspiring new piece of Horus Heresy cover art from series artist Neil Roberts.

That's right folks, two fallen primarchs facing off against an army of near-indestructible eldar revenants – awesome.

The eldar have been strangely absent for most of the Heresy, not that you can blame them. Just look at what happens when they try and take on the Emperor’s finest.

The primarchs themselves are the imposing giants in this picture. Army of Wraithlords or not, the eldar are going to have a hard time taking these two down.

If that’s got you geared up for more Horus Heresy action, you won’t have to wait long to enjoy the next book in the series.

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