I have been working on my video skills including spending several hours talking shop about it with Chris down at Knightfall Games (thank you). While my camera skills are still a little shakey, (I lie, they are a lot shakey), I am moving up with what I feel comfortable with.

I really did not take enough photos or different videos. I will have to learn to focus on getting more and more pictures and videos so there is a better selection. I expect that these will get better and better, so please bear with me.

As for the game, it was a rough one for Chaos, with Psyker Battle Squads claiming Mvp of the night. They ran off a tremendous amount of units during the game with weaken resolve. Even the Leman Russ Demolishers had a decent night. They held the line even with 10 terminators teleporting in to try and wreck their day.

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