I have been working on my video skills including spending several hours talking shop about it with Chris down at Knightfall Games (thank you). While my camera skills are still a little shakey, (I lie, they are a lot shakey), I am moving up with what I feel comfortable with.

I really did not take enough photos or different videos. I will have to learn to focus on getting more and more pictures and videos so there is a better selection. I expect that these will get better and better, so please bear with me.

As for the game, it was a rough one for Chaos, with Psyker Battle Squads claiming Mvp of the night. They ran off a tremendous amount of units during the game with weaken resolve. Even the Leman Russ Demolishers had a decent night. They held the line even with 10 terminators teleporting in to try and wreck their day.


  1. i dont know how your video skills are good or bad, but for sure they are far better than mine :D

    + nice music choice.

  2. Man those Nightlords looked outgunned from the start... Nice vid though unlike the music truly I felt like the repitition of it was starting to bug. Something with more of a drone or drum beat, the instrumental part I fine as it keeps focus on the vid not the words.

    But then again I only play the bass, banjo, piano, guitar, keytaur,and fiddle but what do I truly know???

    Good work though!!!

  3. I have one I am starting. I posted up on Youtube first, and then copied it to here.

  4. Great idea but would be better if it had talking and it explain whats going on during the battle.

  5. The camera work is very good. Have you thought about filming during the game? Miniwargaming.com has been doing this style of battle reports and it is FAR better than the end of round recap. Like I said, I like the camera work, just would like to see the dice roll and see the drama of the fight unfolds. Look forward to the next one.


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