I am not sure I like someone guarenteeing the release of something that we have not had an official announcement or leaked pictures on, but here it is. Take it as you want.

Please remember that despite promises, these are rumors.

via Adeptus Mechanicus Miniatures
Our spies have infiltrated the Nottingham warehouses at Warhammer World and we can guarantee the release of all new plastic NECRON DOOMSCYTHES AND WRAITHS!! Also we have seen what seems to be a mysterious new ork plastic flyer/skimmer! We think it may be a plastic fighta bomba ready for all new 6th edition!! - Sam

via the Underdog
Ok that would be me - First off I can confirm that I saw Wraiths and Tomb Spider boxes being readied for shipping. Neither appears to be finecast (no logo on the box) and from the size of the box i would guess at wraiths being 3 per box. Can't comment on the spider box size as it was further away. I also got a look at the cover of next months WD (in spanish so I have no idea what it said) and it has a huge Necron on it so we can guess release date from that.
Oh - and I did see what appeared to be an Ork fighta sat on shelves so it is boxed and ready but wasn't being moved about for shipping like the Necron stuff so that could mean it's later this month or even ready for the month after - I have no idea. All i know is that it was there.


  1. Wow.... ork flya..... just wow

    for some weird reason I belive it....

    1. Ork Flya rules:

      "At the start of each turn roll a d6. On a roll of 1 the flyer acts as normal. On a roll of 2-6 the flya's guns and bombs detonate due to faulty wiring, the craft suffers 15 str 9 ap 1 hits."

  2. The proof as they say will be in the pudding!!

  3. Excellent!

    Just because the Scythe is ready doesn't mean it'll be released before the big flyer thingy. My only caution!

    I hope all Spyder, wraith, tomb blades and stalkers will be plastic. Not finecast!

    If wraiths are 3 to a box, and scythes are released too, I might just die from too much joy.

    Don't mind the characters being finecast. Only be getting one of each!

  4. The only thing I could see being finecast would be wraiths, and it sounds like they won't be, which makes me very happy.

  5. So wraiths and spiders are seperate kits I sounds like...: cool... But thile thing with this rumor is it basically retells all the rumors about them thi past week. Iam also curious if NS and DS will be one kit or seperate. And plzzzz GW NO FINECAST WRAITHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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