Could this be the suprise date for 6th edition to launch? Speculation is abound, but there are some Game Workshop stores putting for the following comments. Check below/ links provided.

via Facebook:  By Games Workshop: Adelaide


Today we have a super secret release that we can't talk about (mainly because we have no idea what it is!) so it's time to CELEBRATE!

via Facebook: By Games Workshop: Adelaide
WAAAAGH PARTY! It's great to be GREEN!!
Who loves a parrrrrtayyyy!??

On this day Games Workshop Australia & New Zealand will party! Bring in your Warbosses, Mobs and don’t forget your Tanks! Build, paint and game all day long! There is a Big Release this day too (not telling – it’s a secret!).

via Harry
-SM, Necron and Ork flyers up for sale on June 2nd
-Other flyers sometime after that (Void Raven, Chaos, rumoured other flyer(s).

I am thinking just three.... SM, Ork and Necron.
I am not saying the other ones are not coming .... just not quite as soon as these three.

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