May's White Dwarf is very much already claimed by the second wave of Necrons, so what about the month of June? We normally see it the third weekend of the month previous, which means around May 19-21st. A lot of rumors are now pointing towards the end of May or beginning of June for a flyer release. Our current scheduled releases only go up to May 19th. You can see this here. Release Schedule on Faeit 212

What I find interesting is that the Necron 2nd wave specifically left out the flyer type units. The Dark Eldar are specifically missing their void raven, and an Ork flyer has been spotted in the warehouses (all boxed up and ready to go).

If Game Workshop was not planning on releasing flyers at a very specific time, I do not think they would of skipped out on the necron transport that would make them a ton of sales. Practically every necron player will be getting this the second it comes out, assuming of course the release is soon and not pushed off into the far future.

It is very logical to me that these flyer releases are on the near horizon, and today's rumor mongers are saying just that. From DrLove42 rumoring that a surprise wave is coming in May, to Harry saying that this flyer wave is coming sooner than he predicted.

Below is a set of rumors from various sources declaring the same thing, that the flyers are prepping for launch...

Please remember that these are rumors, and there several different sources now all pointing to the same thing.

via DrLove42
a suprise wave of fliers (the DE Voidraven, Necron Fliers, an Ork Fightabomba and a aircraft for regular marines. Maybe stuff for other races wasn't sure)at the end of the month, with rules in WD

Read more about the rumor from DrLove42.

via Kijamon
Heard that a space marine flyer (not the storm eagle) is to be announced in the next WD.

What I head about fliers and WD was that they would be in the WD at the end of May, so I'm guessing the June WD.

I heard about Fliers at the end of June about a day or two before the BolS thread. So maybe a credible source? Will find out before too long. (he is talking about the rumor from DrLove42)

via Harry
I have also heard it is coming sooner than I predicted.
I have also heard June.

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