Its been several weeks now and we have been talking a lot about the rule set being worked on here on Faeit 212. It's time to reveal the name of the project, and talk a little more about it.

The rules you have been reading (if you have been following the articles) are the gameplay rules for The Genesys Project. The project has came down to just myself (and some playtesters) working on the game. Over a year ago we were trying to get the game from an alpha version to beta testing, however it did not work out. Quite simply, it was not ready. A year later, the game has come a long ways.

The game is meant to be played from skirmish scale to larger games using a single ruleset, and allow for hobbyist to use existing models they have, to play and convert for the game. This has been a huge project, as the gameplay is just a part of what this game is about,

So let me introduce you to the project.
 The Creators came from beyond the silence of space and time. The stars were ripe with the building blocks of life, and the planets fertile in waiting. They seeded their own genetic material to grow and evolve, to be shaped by the young worlds they had found. They were our fathers and our Gods. This was the beginning of all things; this was our Genesys. “
Each world was seeded with enough genetic material necessary for its growth and development. While all were seeded similarly, each world was left to develop independent of the others, with their own unique variables, and its own variation bestowed by the seeds of life."
The Genesys Worlds were connected at birth, tied together by the original genetic codes that were implanted by the creators, and ultimately made unique by the processes of time and evolution. For while we are all connected by the Creator Species, what we are today is a mix of genetic mutation, environmental adaptation, and the influences from knowledge and science.
The Genesys Project was perhaps the greatest endeavor ever known by the Gods, the Creators, but our existence was not to be the Eden of paradise meant for us. 
The Genesys Worlds’ histories are fraught with times of tribulation and war, ultimately culminating in the threat of complete universal annihilation; during these times mere survival is a constant struggle. These ages of birth, upheaval, and death define our history through the most critical of moments, as we once again leave our history behind us, and struggle with the truths of what is yet to come.

Introduction to Genesys
One of the signifying aspects of the Genesis Project is that you get to create your own faction, or species, to play. From the first age to the last, you control your race’s destiny, from its very evolution to its technological advancements, in its journey through the eons. You can create their story set upon the worlds of Genesis, as there are as many worlds as there are stars in the sky. The tree of life is diverse, and as more worlds are uncovered, new racial evolutionary branches will doubtlessly be discovered alongside them.

First, you will create your species from one of the five primary races of the genesis worlds. This will include evolving your species from the evolutionary tree unique to your chosen race. Gamers who love list building are now put in direct control of their own armies, from their own special rules and abilities to their very behavior on the battlefield.

Once created, you will define your units, create your armory from which you can equip your units, and design your own artifacts and vehicles. Quite literally, this aspect of The Genesis Project can be a game in and of itself, as making your species and its armies is a lot of fun - truly a list builders dream.

However, creating your species is only just part of the Genesis Project.

Modeling is an open world to be discovered. Many hobbyists spend years working on their armies, customizing them into works of art for display and competition. The Genesis Project fits right into this type of hobbyist. You control the evolutionary trees of your species; the customization of your army knows no bounds, enabling the hobbyist to maximize his creativeness for his own armies in modeling and painting.

Genesis is designed as a highly interactive game system; every move made must be weighed carefully, as your opponent is all too eager – and capable – of countering your every action. Your command of the battlefield is important, as your leaders take charge of not only how much of your force can act at once, but control your mission for the game, and even the length of the battle.

The combat system is based on racial attributes to shoot, hit in melee combat, and save against wounds rather than cross referencing number charts. Weapon tactics, from pikes to swords, determine a unit’s melee range and effectiveness in combat as two forces close in to tactically engage in a vital struggle for domination.

During each age, you will advance your species, gaining new traits and abilities from genetic mutations, environmental adaptations, and knowledge and scientific advancements.

The Ages of Genesys
While the Genesys worlds were perfect for life, there were three major ages of turmoil that stretched outwards and affected most, if not all, the worlds. These are the ages of strife: the ages where the game of Genesys takes place.

In concept and design, you as a hobbyist can create your species and play in any or all of the Ages of Genesys. You can create your race at the beginning, middle, and end of its existence, guiding it through time as it evolves and progresses.

The First Age: The Birth of Genesys
Among the stars of the Genesys Worlds, many forms of life have evolved. In the beginning the worlds are young and violent, the species caught in a brutal battle for survival among the many races and factions. Warfare and Genocide reign, as the myriad intelligent species fight for supremacy and survival. Most will succumb to extinction, but those able to adapt and evolve to this unforgiving age will survive.

The Second Age: The Darkening
Apocalyptic Upheaval
The golden ages of technological advancement and knowledge have come to an end. Literally overnight, civilization has been laid waste by a massive, simultaneous collapse.

Communications between the worlds has ceased, all-out war ravages the Genesis worlds, and chaos has taken the place of order throughout the galaxy. This is a time of upheaval and collapse, caused by an inconceivable and sudden blackout spanning the entirety of the Genesis Worlds.

The second age is an age of genetic experimentation, selective breeding, artificial intelligence, and machines of war. Take control of the species you created and played through the first age of Genesis, and forge for them a place in a world bent upon their utter annihilation.

The Third Age: The Ending
The Death of Genesis
For centuries upon centuries the Genesis Worlds have existed, struggled, and for the most part, flourished.  Upon these worlds life evolved and advanced quickly, but now the worlds are approaching their final waning moments. The end of all things is nigh, as the Genesys Worlds themselves are on a collision course to a violent and inevitable death.

Graviton waves rip apart the Genesis Worlds as two galaxies violently collide. Take your race that you have created, collected, and evolved from the beginning of time, and fight for not only their survival, but for a future that may not have any hope to exist.

Here are some links to articles where we have been talking Game Play rules.
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