Google just does a horrid job of translating, so it's always nice when we get someone to translate some of the rules for us on what is coming. Here are the rules for the Slaughterpriest and the Skullgrinder.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
here are translated rules for the slaughterpriest/skullgrinder if needed.

- Can unbind 1 spell like a Wizard
- During the Hero Phase, he can pray to Khorne. to do so Roll a D6, add 
+1 if he killed at least 1 model before.
On 4+ you can choose one of two prayers, on 1 he gets W3 Mortal Wounds
Prayers: Boiling Blood - choose an enemy unit within 16", that Unit 
suffer D6 Mortal Wounds
Call for Blood - Choose an enemy unit within 16", thats 
more than 3" away from one of your units. that unit has to run towards 
your closest unit as if it were its movement phase

- +1 to Bravery for all MORTAL KHORNE keyword units
- if the Skullgrinder kills a HERO or MONSTER all MORTAL KHORNE units 
within 8" of him (including himself) get buffed. Buffed units gain 2 "to 
wound" rolls for every 4+ "to hit" roll.
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