Here at Faeit 212 we have been working on a project for quite some time. While at one point more people were involved, it has come down to just myself mostly taking the project on. So while things are a little slow tonight, I thought I would share a bit of the basic combat rules for the game system being worked on.

Any input you have on how this works would be appreciated.

The combat system is made up of two die rolls, one to hit (for ranged and melee combat), and then one for the target of the attack to save against. This is a stat line system and here is how it works.

Stat lines look like something like this on an army list, and are based off a range of 1-6. As you can see 2-4 is an average range of stats.
Strength: 3     Toughness: 3      Movement: 4
Martial: 4       Perception: 4     Defense: 3

Martial Target Number (Mtn): 7
Ranged Target Number (Rtn): 7

Mtn and Rtn are combined stats to give target numbers that opposing players will use to hit a model with this stat line.
Mtn = Martial + Defense    
Rtn = Movement + Defense

to hit a model with these stat lines in the example above an opposing model will roll the following for both melee and ranged combat actions.

Melee Combat: Martial Stat +d6 to equal or beat the targets Mtn
Ranged Combat: Perception Stat +d6 to equal or beat the targets Rtn

The total number rolled to hit which includes the skill of the attacker + a d6 gives us a Wound Target Number. This is the number that the defender or model just  hit has to roll on a d6 + Toughness to save against taking a wound.

For example using the stat line above against the same stat line for a ranged attack.
Attacker rolls a 3 on a d6 and adds his perception to the die roll. The result is a 7, which hits the target.
Since the wound target number is 7, the target has to roll a 4+ on a d6. Toughness + d6 to equal or beat a target number of 7.

Of course there is more to this, but I thought tonight I would throw down the basic system for some feedback, and see what happens. The idea is a skill based hit, so that very skilled melee or ranged attacks create attacks that are higher target number to save against. The strength of the attack does create a modifier on the Wound Target Number, but we will get into that later. This game system is mostly in place, and we are playtesting it.

Brief recap.
Melee Combat: Martial Stat +d6 vs Melee Target Number
Ranged Combat: Perception Stat +6 vs Ranged Target Number

To save against a hit: Toughness Stat +d6 vs Wound Target Number

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