Now that we have seen the leaks, after a couple days of digging we have a a few little bits of information coming in on the upcoming Tau release next month. Of course we don't have a lot, but what little information we are getting is coming from very good sources in our past.

So consider these solid sources, who are reporting anything that they can, or have seen.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Fire warriors will be a dual kit.
No new sub-races for Tau (Kroot & Vepsid only), no model change for them.

Separate Source
I believe Tau to be a three week release

Another Source
I saw the new Tau codex, unfortunately not the content but the front and back cover, front cover looks like the old codex with a crisis suit.

The new photo on the back cover is very interesting, everything is painted in white with:

1. New XV8 crisis suit, with new shoulder guard similar to current fire warriors and potentially new jetpack
2. New XV8 commander, with a new jet pack (may be the old one, but the jet pack and pose looks different)
3. New Ethereal (I think)
4. Some Tau specified terrains, sort of a watch tower and a sentry post kind of thing.
5. A new suit class, I think its larger than XV88 but smaller than Riptide, with the head of a stealth suit, unsure of the weapon load though
6. A new suit at the back of the photo, may be a dual kit with the above
7. A new massive suit, larger than Riptide! very bulky with a shoulder mounted rail cannon of sort (very big) and having very large missile pods instead of arms (kind of like a bastard child of Tomahawk from Macross and Zssa from Gundam ZZ, but no arms though)

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