It's been really quiet out there for Orks lately, so here is your chance for a little Waaagh time and a chance to win a Forgeworld Warlord on a Bike. This is a giveaway competition going on from the guys over at Bitzbox, with an easy question and answer for a chance to win the model.

update: I was emailed and told that the contest giveaway is for anyone in the world and not restricted to the UK or US. 

Here is the information you need to see to win it via Bitzbox
Hello folks! It's time for another subscriber competition from us here at One lucky winner is going to be waking up to a special delivery; a genuine Forgeworld Ork Warboss on Bike! If you aren't that lucky winner we have plenty of other prizes including Ork Bargin Bitz bags!! This is just one of the many competitions we have ran in the past and plan to run more in future. So to be in for a chance of winning you need to answer a very simple question relating to a video Battle Report we did earlier in the week on the Bitzbox Youtube channel.

You can find the Battle Report here:

The question you need to answer is; In which turn did the Orks declare their Waarrrgh!?
To qualify for entry you need to be subscribed to the Bitzbox Youtube channel at the time of posting your question (so new subscribers welcome too!). That is it!

Email your answers to by the closing date (21st September 2015) and wishing you all the best of luck! Check out all our social media for crunkin dem humie skullz! WARRGH!

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