It's Wednesday and time for another round from Dropzone Commenter. This week its dealing with all the wounds infantry take and more, and clever ways to mark them quickly and efficiently in games.

Dropzone Commander is a game that does away with a lot of little fiddly pieces of information: special rules are pretty few and far between, and there’s nothing like special damage results or battlefield conditions you have to remember throughout the course of the battle. The biggest exception to this rule in DZC is infantry damage and abilities.

Infantry Damage Points (DP) are obviously essential for determining how long a base of troops survives, but they are also intimately tied with that unit’s effect on the tabletop. For instance, nearly all infantry weapons have the RW (Reduce Weapon) quality, which reduces the shots by X amount per DP suffered, and the CQB stat, where the number of dice you roll is multiplied by your current DP. Reconquest: Phase 1 adds even more pieces of information for infantry that need to be tracked: Limited Weapons which can only be fired once per game; and Forward Air Controller (FAC) designation, allowing that squad’s line of sight to grant bonuses to rolls to bring on fast movers.

All this crucial information can be easy to overlook or mix up in the heat of a fight. Dice are a pretty common way of tracking infantry damage – we all have them, after all – but it’s far too easy in my experience to pick up a die for a roll when they’re sitting there on the table. And speaking for myself, it’s far too easy to forget which squads have been designated FACs or have fired Limited Weapons, especially when those units are also doing things like jumping out of dropships or into CQBs alongside friendly infantry squads.

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