Earlier today we first heard a rumor about a new magazine that Games Workshop is working on. It is targeted toward new customers with overviews of the hobby and comes with a free mini. This is very interesting, and now more details are emerging. A very solid source here on Faeit 212 tells us that this is indeed coming, the approximate price of the magazine, and what the magazine will have for it's free miniature. Check out the latest!

Please remember that these are still rumors, but both of these together are giving a clear picture that this is most likely happening.

So what do you think?

from Earlier today
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
GW wants to do more stuff in the future to get new customers. There is a 
new kind of magazine in the works that will be sold at GW and 
kiosk/magazine shops containing a basic overview about the hobby and a 
free mini.

It's basicly a starter magazine to get people into the hobby and to 
their local GW. Also there is talk about more advertisement, no info what 

New Information Just In
via a very solid source on Faeit 212
I just want to chime in on the new magazine, the rumor is true. It should be around the same price as the current WD. The free miniature is the same Stormcast Eternal which was attached to the AOS introduction WD a couple of months ago.
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