This rumor talks about something interesting, a magazine that focuses on bringing new customers in. Also the idea of Games Workshop doing advertising is a not necessarily new, its just been a long time. Hopefully we don't get advertising along the lines of their teaser videos, and something more substantial.

Please remember that this is a rumor, and as such requires some salt. I really don't know the validity this bit is, but it's rumor at this point. It was sent in anonymously, and a new magazine is something I will keep an eye out for.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
GW wants to do more stuff in the future to get new customers. There is a 
new kind of magazine in the works that will be sold at GW and 
kiosk/magazine shops containing a basic overview about the hobby and a 
free mini.

It's basicly a starter magazine to get people into the hobby and to 
their local GW. Also there is talk about more advertisement, no info what 
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