OK, this is exciting on a week that I was not expecting any Warhammer 40k. Skarbrand comes next week.... yea big and badder looking than ever, and comes with rules for both AoS and 40k!!! All of this will be in next week's White Dwarf, and the hints for the following suggest a change in venue as we move back towards 40k releases.

Please remember that this is early information and as such must be considered rumors until leaked images are out.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Next week's White Dwarf contains rules for both the Age of Sigmar and 40k!
40k Rules-
Skarbrand is a HQ MC with a BS and WS of 10, S and T of 6 and 5 wounds with a 3+ sv
Bellow of Endless Fury S5 template no ap 
Gives Range and Hatred to all units friend or foe within 12"
Two axes that are AP2 each. One has Fleshbane, the other Armourbane.
Just over 200pts

AoS Rules
Move 8, save 4+ 14 wounds
Two axes that hit on 4+ with a 3+ to wound
His Rage get stronger the more wounds he has suffered, giving him additional abilities and weapon attacks. Abilities include greater number of attacks, re-rolls for charge, to hit, all failed rolls, and wound rolls. The more wounds he has suffered the more of these abilities he can take.

Hints for the Following Week
A storm is brewing - Plus tank, aliens and a zone of Death!
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