Dropfleet info has been coming in, and we are patiently waiting for more.... well maybe not patiently as we have not choice at this moment.

Kickstarter is penciled in (penciled in is a favorite term I hear a lot from Hawk) for October 30th to run through December 2nd. Here are some details.
-It will have all 4 factions for the game in plastic starters
-It will not have the entire range of models- these are reserved for retailers. So not battleships, stations or specialists ships
-There will be some kickstarter exclusive models

Some other great things.....
Blisters will have all the load out options for many different versions of ships. 35 different options were mentioned with about half of that for different variant builds was mentioned in the video for UCM cruisers. This allows for a lot of customization as well, something that Dropzone has just not had.

For More about Hawk Wargames 

Head over to this video of David Lewis and Andy Chambers with the Beasts of War. 

Here are some images from the video that are of interest. Lots more to see on the video, including moveable parts on these ships.

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