What's On Your Table
The happy days of hunting beastmen before Chaos destroyed the old world.
Collection of most of the Citadel dogs & hounds (excluding chaos aberrations). 

·         Dalmatians are from the  Elven Animal Keeper set (White Dwarf #96)

·         Beagles from Citadel Blink dogs (circa 1986? Missing 1 pose)

·         Golden Retrievers (Orion’s Hounds)

·         Small Dogs: From Bretonnia Men at Arms bits and one from the Grail Relic,  the terrier is the “Village Ratter” (circa 1980’s)

·         The Rottweilers are from Mordheim witch Hunters (I think there are 3 sculpts…one jumping)?  These also look like variants of a Dark Elf warhound pack.

·         And the giant wolves are from Fenris…?  How they ended up in a Bretonnian kennel remains unknown, but it probably has to do with a wood elf goddess.


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