This is an interesting email sent in from readers here on Faeit 212, and I can answer a little of it..... USPS apparently has been using FedEx due to forest fires depending upon where the packages have to be shipped. I would imagine the storm conditions in Texas right now will also effect shipments. The rest of it, I will leave to the community here to explain.

via a reader on Faeit 212
Hey there, I'm not sure this is news or anything, but it's definitely something strange that I thought I'd point out because I haven't read about this happening anywhere else.

Last week I purchased a NIB Burning of Propspero box on ebay for $95, with free shipping.  It was listed as being from a seller in Reno, NV.  I've attached a screen of their auction, just in case.

I was floored to see a shipping notification within 24 hours(that almost never happens on ebay!) and was even more surprised to see that it was from FedEx.  Typically, ebay auctions(especially those with free shipping) come via USPS.

Anyhow, while on vacation I took at a look at the tracking information and I noticed that I had a package coming from Games Workshop itself, out of Memphis, TN.  Except that I have not ordered anything from Games Workshop in well over a year at this point.

When I got home last night, I cracked the package open and sure enough, the Prospero box that I purchased at a nice discount on ebay was shipped to me by Games Workshop themselves.  It did not contain a traditional GW Mail Order invoice, but did include a strange Kharadron decorated packing manifest with information on the contents(correct item codes, etc) and customer service information directing me towards GW's customer service email and phone.

Pretty odd, since this was supposed to be purchased from someone in Reno, NV.  ANyhow, it's something that I thought the community may find interesting.

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