I tend to focus a lot on NOCF's charity raffles this time of the year, especially on the armies and models that you can win with the raffles. What I don't often spend much time on is why I spend the effort that I do here on these, and just how our hobby can make a difference in real peoples lives.

A good friend of mine (who I do not have permission to use his name so I wont) has very disfiguring burns over most of his body. His hands and face are were severely burnt from before I knew him, and in the last 4-5 years we have become friends. Our kids hang out together, and we get together when time allows for us on the lake, at sporting events, etc.. Until this last year I really did not know much about how he was injured, but I was always curious and never really brought it up. Him and his wife are just very down to earth people, the kind that are fun to be around. It comes to be that his injuries were the result of an incident in Afghanistan while he was there. When him and I finally spoke about what happened, he had the highest praises for the Fisher House Foundation, who stepped in and helped get him and his family together while he was recovering, when other organizations were falling short. His praise for the work they do for wounded veterans was top notch.

A close relative of mine also works with returning veterans on a more national level. He has endless stories of returning veterans and the issues they face. He also deals with casualties, benefits, and what happens next. He also gives the Fisher House top marks on what they do for our veterans and their families and has plenty of stories to back up his claims.

The Fisher House is just one of the charities that the NOCF raffles support with our hobby. We often don't know how these organizations help those that we know, or how they can really make a difference in the lives of others. The fact that our hobby can step up to do this and make that difference, is just amazing.

So I want to do what I can to promote the Nova Open Charitable Foundation, because it matters. For very little, our community and hobby can make a difference for someone.

You've seen quite a few of the raffles. Here is the links to get in on them

Flames of War: Monty’s Desert Rats
Flames of War: Rommel’s Afrika Korps
WH 30K Army: Sons of Horus
WH 30K Army: Mechanicum
Fantasy Flight Games: X-Wing : Organa’s Angels
Guild Ball : New Release
WM/H Cygnar – Stryker’s Irregulars
Blood Bowl Game Set & Pitch
40k Necrons
Flames of War: Monty’s Desert Rats

Death Guard Legion, Sicarian Tank
40K Terminator Chaplain
Atlantis Minis – Troll
LotR – Gandalf
Guild Ball – Harry the Hat
Games Day 2007 – Ork Boss & Goblin
Reaper Miniatures, Floating Mage
Jacques de Molay, Grandmaster
40K – Stormsurge
Blood Bowl – Ogre
40K – Cypher
Magnus the Red
WM/H – Commander Nemo
Adeptus Mechanicus, Sicarian Infiltrators

Important Information
• Tickets can be purchased from anywhere in the world
• We will ship to anywhere in the world with a valid mailing address
• You DO NOT have to be present to win
• Ticket sales will end at 12 noon EST on Sunday, September 3rd
• Winners will be announced that evening at 8pm during the NOVA Open award ceremony, and then posted on the FB page https://www.facebook.com/thenocf/

The sponsors for this years raffles.......
Secret Weapon Miniatures, KR Multicase, Battlefront, Privateer Press, Steamforged Games, Duncan Rhodes, the NOVA Open convention, and Laurie Brandt.

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