The Genesys Project has new updates on the site now. You can get them here simply by inputting your product key that you should have access to with any newsletter updates. (its at the top of each one)

  • In these updates you will find out just how critical hits damage vehicles....... and the damage they do to your Core Systems....! Hit a vehicle hard enough, they will explode, and can at the very least create a chain reaction of damage to Core Systems. 
  • Point Costs updates throughout.
  • Quite a few changes to the 2nd Age as we are moving forward with the Fey and Reptilia Next month.
  • Reduce Armor... has been changed to Piercing X. These types of hits reduce toughness when they hit. It simplifies armor piercing hits. 
  • How to determine if a weapons is a heavy weapon, or must remain stationary to fire. This allows big models like giants/ vehicles to move and fire more powerful weapons. It also allows for you to customize a lot more, as you can reduce the recoil of the weapon with advancements or add Heavy Mountings to your vehicles. No longer do we tell you if a weapon is heavy.... it depends on your Design!
  • Quite a bit more as well. 

If you don't have one... getting your own product key for the Open Beta is simple and costs you nothing. Just follow the link above, and see what The Genesys Project is all about.

Dont forget that we will be in Arlington Virginia at the Nova Open.... Stop by and say hello! Trust me, you wont be able to miss us. (along the right side of the vendor hall as you are coming down the escalators)

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