There are a couple things that are worth letting the community know about. These are rather negative events, so please lets keep the comments on the positive side of things.

Lexicanum and Bols
The first is the the Lexicanum and Bell of Lost Souls are down (they are one and the same as in Bols owns Lexicanum). Ive heard they have been hacked, but due to the dangers of heading there, Ive not gone to see if this has been resolved. Just be aware of this, and be careful where you are looking today.

Please avoid negative comments today about Bols in the comments, its not good when any of us are hacked. I sincerely hope they get back up and running asap.

If you feel the need to contribute or check more information as it gets updated on this, there is a thread going on over on Dakka;jsessionid=6245C9F14E6C1287909678EB460B97AC

Games Workshop Sutton Coldfield Bans Forgeworld Models
A new manager is apparently there as of a couple days ago, and decided to ban any models they don't sell. We've seen this type of thing before, but I bet it wont last. The links to their facebook page where this all started has been deleted, so we can just hope that this is not a new trend, and that the ban will be over before it really started.

Again, all this negativity, lets keep things positive, as I am certain this will be resolved properly. If you feel like you need to get your word in, GW Customer service might be a good place to start. Stay positive please.

Here is a link to a thread going on about this already from our friends Bolter and Chainsword.
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