With the new Generals Handbook coming out very soon, the Warhammer Community takes a look at Destruction with the Ironjawz, followed by a brief on the Moonclan Grots. There are some changes coming and here is the latest.

via Warhammer Community
Here is a brief, you can see the rest by following the link here


"If you prefer Ogors to Greenskinz, Ogor armies are more versatile than ever. Firstly, Beastclaw Raiders, Firebellies, Maneaters and Gutbusters can all ally with one another, allowing you to field your favourite models while keeping powerful ‘Battleline-if’* models like Leadbelchers and Mournfang Calvalry. The Ogor Butcher is a great addition to the Beastclaw raiders, who previously lacked any Wizards of their own. Not only will this guy be able to provide a much needed source of Mystic Shield and magic defense, but his Great Cauldron triggers on any Ogor units – imagine how powerful a well-timed Spinemaw would be providing +1 to hit for a Frostlord on Thundertusk!"

"Thanks to allies, loads of units from the Destruction Grand Alliance can now find a place in your armies. Aleguzzler Gargants now cost fewer points and can be added to any Destruction army looking for a hard-hitting Behemoth capable of dealing buckets of wounds, or at the very least, causing some damage when it inevitably falls over. In a 2000 point army, you’ll be able to get two of these into your allies slot."

Moonclan Grots
Both Cave Squigs and Squig Hoppers are now Battleline-if units – throw in a Grot Warboss on Great Cave Squig 

(Notice the torn page hiding one entry hiding the Grot Warbosses Entry on a Great Cave Squig...)

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