With the closing of its doors many games are left hanging out in the open now with no where to go. Firestorm Armada is one of them, and fans are very likely to pick up on this and try to keep the game alive.

via Neratius
i started a Facebook Page to keep Firestorm Armada alive. I am going to write erratas for the existing rules to rebalance issues and tweak the game a little bit. I did a first one on the core rulebook and i am trying to spread it to as many people as possible for testing purposes and feedback. 

I thought you might be interested in it as well and can help to spread the message even more. I appreciate every help i can get to keep the hobby and the game alive and firestorm balanced and interesting. 

There are some rumours around that the ip will be sold soon to some other company but until then i want to try to keep the community together with coherent and updated rules.


kind regards

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