We now know that Deathguard will come to us next month, September, from the latest Mortarion video. Its really what most of us are talking about behind the scenes as we try and get the lowdown on what is coming up. With that a source here on Faeit 212 has chimed in, with what he knows to be coming for Deathguard. Its a big list, and would be awesome to see.

Rumors via sources on Faeit 212
Death Guard releases are going to be:
Lord of Contagion
Noxious Blightbringer
Malignant Plaguecaster
Multi-part Plague Marine Kit
Multi Part Terminator Kit
Multi-Part Pox Walker Kit
Blight Drone Kit
Plagueburster Tank Kit
Codex and Cards
Special Edition Codex and Cards set

Not sure if there will be other models, but those are guaranteed. 
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