Games Workshop has updated FAQs, Warscrolls and Pdfs for the Age of Sigmar.

via Warhammer Community
New and Updated FAQs, Forge World Warscrolls, and Compendium PDFs

The release of the new General’s Handbook was a great time for us to take a look at the game and address a few common questions. These FAQs have been written based on feedback given by you, the community, as well as from observations from Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tournaments, and should help make your games run more smoothly than ever.

The new General’s Handbook has brought a range of changes to points, new allegiance abilities and a powerful new allies mechanic that makes including your favourite models in your matched play force easier than ever. Forge World’s Monstrous Arcanum range is designed to give you some unusual and powerful options for your army, from gigantic Carmine Dragons to esoteric options like the Troggoth Hag, and we decided it’d be a great time to update the warscrolls for these models to make sure that they work as well with the new General’s Handbook as possible. You’ll be able to field your Legion of Azgorh army with new points, and bring along powerful allies from other Chaos factions, while if you’re looking to add some allies to your Destruction armies look no further than the much-improved Squig Gobba!

Finally, we’ve updated the Compendium Warscrolls to make sure you can keep using your legacy miniatures and armies in your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Since Warhammer Age of Sigmar started, the game has evolved, as have the factions within it, and these warscrolls have been updated to be consistent with the tone and feel of the system today.
All these changes are designed to work with the General’s Handbook 2017– pre-order now, or get yours in store tomorrow.

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