Today the Warhammer Community is sharing a look at some new features that will be within the General's Handbook 2017, that is going live to pre-orders this coming weekend.

via Warhammer Community
You can see the full article here
  • The Mortal Realms are immensely varied, and thanks to new Time of War rules, you’ll be able to reflect this on the tabletop in exciting new ways. Each realm has an associated spell that any Wizard fighting in it can cast, as well as several unique effects. Battles on the shores of the Gnawing Sea in Ghur force players to fight around wild beasts – try it out in your own games with the rules below:
  • There are loads of new Battleplans for narrative play games, designed specially with one purpose – creating exciting battles packed with dramatic moments. We’ve taken these from the Realmgate Wars books and adapted them to allow any army to take part.
  • Siege battles are a new way to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar, allowing for tense defensive warfare in a collection of new Battleplans. 

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