The new White Dwarf is right around the corner and inside is said to be about new bases, scenery, and of course the Burning of Prospero where its rumored that we will see new Contemptor rules for the box game.

via Old-Four-Arms on Bolter and Chainsword
Confirmed in November WD ;
New scenery : Haemotrope Reactors (40k), Magewrath Throne & Balewind Vortex (AoS)
for the reactors, think Star Wars Echo base (semi-circular) but with Mechanicum gubbinz
Hero bases : 2 sets (40k - 8pcs and AoS - 11pcs)
1x 60mm (shattered Leman Russ turret)
5x 40mm (1. iron stairs, 2. rubble with barrel, 3. rubble with aquila head, 4. rubble with crate/jerrycans, 5. iron platform on pipeline)
2x 32mm (1. rubble with Ork rokkit, 2. twisted iron girders)
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