This morning as things are getting going... well... starting up again, I wanted to share with you a couple things.

1. First Up......... Google a week or so ago did some updates which apparently ate the Faeit 212 BlogExchange that everyone including myself loves to use. Its hard to surf my normal sites without it there. After a recovery attempt of it, which failed twice, I figured it's time to not only rebuild it... but make it better.

Which brings me to number 2
The Faeit 212 Community site is a great place for other sites to post up their videos battle reports etc. If you are a new or existing site and want to get more publicity... this is the place for you. Have just the occasional great article youd like to share? The Faeit 212 Community site is bent towards you.

*  It's self publishing, post when you want.
* Post up lead summaries of your articles, put your videos up, etc. Always make sure you link back to    your site

Shoot me an email with your link to to join the BlogExchange, and or to request to post up on the Community Site. The updates are being worked on this morning...and should be live tomorrow.

I want to make the Community Site larger, and in doing so, I am going to put the new Blog roll in two places. So yes, sign up and get your site in two places. This way both you and I can go to one place to not only read articles from people from the community, but also see the expanded blog roll all in one place.

Missed out some of the fun stuff going on over the Faeit 212 Community Site...

Here are a couple of the latest videos from Hot Dice Miniatures, The Fantasy Hammer, and The Basement Collective....... And yes, we are going to start seeing a lot more of these right here on the main Faeit 212 site from the Community

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