There was a lot of Chaos talk over on Dakka this morning, with a lot of "I think" and perspectives on what is coming out, but not a lot of anything solid regarding rumors. So while not worth digging through here this morning, I grabbed Lady Atia's comments that were relevant to future releases.

If you want to dig through the comments for these, here is a link.
Please add lots of salt to them.

via Lady Atia on Dakka
There is nothing major for AoS coming in the next two months afaik. Bloodbowl is November and 1k sons in December.

I sadly have no ETA for the arcanists (but they should take the stage as big badies for AoS next afaik) - but they reboxed the heroes (well, they are pretty pricey soooo). So who know's *shrugs*. It's usually one big release per month and filler for the other weeks now - hence it feels rather slow.

 I'm pretty sure we will get all four cult armies down the line, but that's not anytime soon. It's the same with the (daemon) primarchs - you won't get all of them next year lol. These are big awesome releases, they won't hit out everything they can do within a few months.
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