All this talk of new Chaos Marine factions, Sisters of Battle, Magnus the Red, and more is just ovewhelming my 40k Chi to almost a critical level. If your like me, this may well just push you over the top this week, and like myself, there may not be any coming back for this.

The Enemy Within may well win this week......... Traitor Guard and the Dark Mechanicus may well be on their way....... Check out these early rumors.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Everyone is focused on the Chaos Space Marine Traitor Legions and ignoring  
the enemy within..  Traitor Guard.

Beware of Anakwanar and his Sons and the ones who have made a Pact with the  
God of Blood. The Stalk Tanks provided by the Dark Mechanicum will haunt  
the Imperium for all time.

The Dark Mechanicus

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