We have had an exciting week of information about the upcoming release of the Daemonic Magnus model and the accompanying Thousand Sprues. Even the pic that was just briefly shown looks like an amazing image of Thousand Sons.

Here is some additional information coming out of Dakka.

Also something to think about... Is I have head to keep my eyes and ears open for a November 26th release. (not sure if its connected)

Here is the video again, just incase you have been under a rock again.

via Sad Panda on Dakka

Moopy wrote:
I sincerely hope that the 1k Sons sprue ISN'T from the new end of the year HH boxed set with the custodians.

Sad Panda: It's not. The HH Marines in the game will be generic (except for the two characters).

But they come from the same CAD portfolio. Take, say, the computer models of generic 30K Tartaros Pattern Terminators, add 40K bling, change poses, switch a few weapons -> 40K Rubric Terminators. Saves time and effort and costs.

Same for the Tzeentch models. It was a massive design portfolio that included everything from Tzaangors to LoC and Magnus. They may not be the same sprue, but include lots of computer "bitz" and design elements from a large, newly created Tzeentch-design-elements-library.

(Similar approach for Khorne, Stormcast, etc..).

Crazyterran wrote:
I thought Sad Panda... 'suggested' it would be Magnus/Angron/Fulgrim for team evil and Guilliman/Leman Russ for team Imperium? 
At least to start with... 
Though Dorn in a centurion suit would amuse me.

Sad Panda: No. I only know of one other not-FW primarch in the pipeline. He'll be "Team Imperium" and part of setting up the story for 8th.

There may be more I simply haven't heard about, but as with Daemonkin, I can assure you that there is no plan to go through the four Chaos Gods with symmetrical releases. That's not how the 40K story evolution for the next year or so (from the tiny bits I know) is set up.
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