The Genesys Project, is Total Customization of your armies and today there are updates to the Open Beta that are available. The new updates include a lot of smaller updates from feedback, but also include new features, like two new Power Foci, the creation of Arcane Constructs, and taking the Genesys game 3 dimensional into the air.

The new Foci are for Arcane Powers, and include Ghost Form, Golem, Levitation, and even Possession. There are even more Ethereal powers that ignore the physical body, and drive their Ethereal Blades straight into the souls of their targets. Don't forget though, that base effects are just that.... base. Every power has the opportunity to modified for range, strength, and more depending upon which power your using.

Arcane Construction is also a total customization process. Create your Constructs out of fantastical materials like thermite, or radioactive metals; load them up with heavy military weapons like a built in scorpio or alchemical flame; or even cast your powers through them. Constructs even have different methods of control, Direct.. being there with it, remote.. controlling from a far remote location, and encased.. where the casters is literally part of the construct.

The best part is... is that these rules are available now to download. We are working towards the first softcover and hardcover books for the game within the next couple months.

Check it all out now and get your own personal product key.... for free at
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