This weekend is the time to visit a GW store this weekend. Forgeworld has their Limited Edition Forgeworld Miniature in stores everywhere. Not only that, but if you live within reach of Warhammer World, they are celebrating their newly revamped stores with the opportunity to pick up the exclusive Captain and Chaplain models.

Of course this is just some exclusive models and the big news this weekend will still be the Burning of Prospero!

via Forgeworld
This exclusive, limited edition model will be availabe in stores across the world from this Saturday.
He'll be available while stocks last, but since you're going to be in there anyway, ordering your Burning of Prospero box, why not grab this guy too?

via Warhammer World Facebook
On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October Warhammer World is launching our newly revamped stores!

As part of the store launch you can get the launch exclusive Space Marine Captain for £15, which also gets you a Collector Card with space for 10 stamps on it. For each £10 you spend in Warhammer World you'll get a stamp, and once you've filled your card, between 5th to 13th November you'll be able to buy the Exclusive Space Marine Chaplain Miniature, who is also just £15!

You can fill your card in however you wish, for instance 10 x £10 or 1 x £100 purchases, or any other combo. They are stunning miniatures, so get in store this weekend and get your Space Marine Captain and Collector Card!
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