Quite the list this morning from Forgeworld pre-orders. The list includes the Mechanicum, Imperial Armour- The Anphelion Project, some Horus Heresy Dice, and a trip to the Iron Hills.......

New From Forgeworld

Dain Ironfoot: Lord of the Iron Hills £40
Iron Hills Dwarf Warriors £40   Download the Rules: Iron Hills....
Iron Hills Ballista £50
Iron Hills New Releases £130
Iron Hills Dwarf Collection £300

Mechanicum Vultarax Stratos - Automata £70  Download the Rules

The Horus Heresy Legion Dice- World Eaters £16
The Horus Heresy Legion Dice- Iron Warriors £16

Imperial Armour - The Anphelion Project £37

Forgeworld Bulletin

What about The Lord of The Rings?
For 15 years Games Workshop has proudly adventured in Middle-earth ™, starting out with the first edition of the Strategy Battle Game, based on the amazing The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring ™ and continuing ever since.

One of the great things about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ™ Strategy Battle Game is that it retains complete compatibility with Games Workshop’s The Lord of The Rings ™ range. You’ll find the rules for using the heroes, villains and monsters of The Lord of The Rings ™ in five Sourcebooks: The Kingdoms of Men, The Free Peoples, Mordor ™, The Fallen Realms and Moria ™ & Angmar ™. Over the coming years, we’ll also be continuing and expanding our adventures in The Lord of The Rings ™ too, so keep your eyes open for more great models, supplements and rules manuals.
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