Create a Faction: Build your Race Contest!
Create a Faction Contest. Here you can get your racial build into the first starter set and build list for game demos. The time is now to get started......

Not quite involved yet with the Genesys Project? Lets get that taken care of as well and register to get your own product key for a free download of the beta rulesets.

Create a Faction:
One of the submitted races will be a part of a customizable starter set down the road and will be used in future shows and demo events. Here is what you need to do;

1.Create a faction using the downloadable Species and Class build pdf's. You can find these at these links
2. Design a creative race that you believe showcases The Genesys Project

3. You are not limited to a single entry, and when you are ready to upload, do so using using "Create a Faction Contest" tab on the Genesys website. 

We will be sharing entries "anonymously" during the event, highlighting the game's racial build mechanics. To give new players joining our community a fighting chance, we will be running this event for a few weeks, with the final deadline announced soon, depending upon the number of entries we receive. So don't wait, get your entries in today.

The winner will have their race featured in the Humanoid Starter for the Genesys Project, and your name will be there as well (assuming you want to be credited).

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