SN Battle Reports just wrapped up their third No Retreat event out of Gilbralter. The event drew a crown from as far off as England and Spain, Sweden, Ireland and Luxembourg. Oh yea, and guess what?..... Dark Eldar took it again!

If you are not familiar with SN Battle Reports, you should be checking them out. Great pictures with beautiful terrain and fantastically painted armies. Here are some pics as well.

Here are the results from SN Battle Reports

No Retreat 3 Tournament Awards
1st Lawrence Baker (England) (Tabletop Tactics) Dark Eldar (Yes, he successfully defended his title…again!)
2nd Chema Triguero Morilla (Spain) Chaos Daemons
3rd Yannick Fuchs (Luxemburg) Dark Angels

The Silver Spoon: Javier Martinez de las Heras (Spain) Tau Empire
Players’ Player Award: Richard Hope (England) (Geeks40k) Space Marines
Players’ Award for Best Army: John Causton (England) Craftworld Eldar
Cheesiest Army (the Silver Spork): Nick Rodriguez (Gibraltar) (SN) Craftworld Eldar (Title Defended!)

SN Awards:

Javier Martinez de las Heras (Spain) Tau Empire
Jamie Robson (England) (Tabletop Tactics) Space Marines
Matthew Marlow (England) (Greetings of the Warp) Space Marines
John Causton (England) Craftworld Eldar
Fredrik Carrasco (Sweden) Elysian Drop Troops
Andy Wardle (England) Space Marines

No Retreat Painting Competition

Best Painted Single Miniature: John Causton (England)
Best Painted Monstrous Creature: Javier Martinez de las Heras (Spain)
Best Painted Unit: James Froggat (England)
Best Painted Vehicle: John Causton (England)

Dont forget the next event.....

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