Gromindal will be available soon... Starting October 22nd from the Games Workshop Webstore. But there is more...

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Grombrindal will be out in november issue of White dwarf.
You can read all detail here:

How to get Grombrindal
You will need an exclusive Steam key to unlock Grombrindal in Total War: WARHAMMER. A key can be acquired from:

White Dwarf November 2016 – issue 3 of the new-look ultimate Warhammer magazine. This is available to preorder from Games Workshop website from 22nd October 2016, and available on general release from 28th October from the Games Workshop website, Games Workshop & Warhammer stores, independent retailers, newsstands and news agents.

  • In-store at all Games Workshop & Warhammer stores from Friday 28th October 2016. Simply approach a staff member and request your free Grombrindal Steam key card. These key cards will be available in Games Workshop stores until January 3rd 2017, or until stocks are depleted. 

  • Also included on the card will be a code which can be redeemed for a Steam voucher for 20% off Total War: WARHAMMER – this can be shared with a friend if you already own the game. 

  • Grombrindal will eventually become available for all players at a later date in 2017 without the need for a Steam key.

Grombrindal: The White Dwarf
Grombrindal, The White Dwarf himself, is a hero from the time of legends. Rumours abound as to his true identity. Some say he is the living incarnation of Snorri Longbeard himself; others that he was betrothed to the goddess Valaya, protector and bestower of magical resistance. Either way, he is a powerful living symbol of hope and pride for the Dwarfs and, in times of dire need, he may appear in the flesh to help the Dawi through their tribulations.

Unique quests
Like all Legendary Lords, Grombrindal unlocks a series of unique quests as he levels up, each of which rewards him with his legendary wargear. Grombrindal has no less than four quest-chains, bestowing him with the Rune Helm of Zhufbar, the Armour of Glimril Scales, the Rune Cloak of Valaya, and the Rune Axe of Grimnir. Thus clad, he is a formidable force of the battlefield.

Traits and abilities
Grombrindal has a number of traits and abilities which make him a unique Legendary Lord.

Grombrindal can assume the aspect and attendant benefits of one of the illustrious Dwarf deities, Grimnir, Valaya and Grungni, through his unique Living Ancestor dilemma
The greatest campaign reinforcement range of any Lord
Increased Underway evasion chance
His unique battle ability, ‘Grimnir Has no Fear’, is an augment which bestows increased melee attack, melee defence, vigour and the Unbreakable trait.
His unique battle ability ‘Flash Bomb’ temporarily blinds enemies and slows their advance.

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