Next week The Genesys Project is going to be doing something a little exciting. Create a Faction is a contest that will be opened up to the community to create a faction that will be a part of the the starter factions for the game. This means that your submission could be one chosen to demo games to become become part of a starter box set for the future.

Now the criteria are simple, create a race using the current Humanoid Primarius and submit it using the race and class sheets you can get here
Here are a few things to think about......

We are looking for creative races that can be used to teach someone the game and how the faction builder works. Monochromatic races should be avoided, but instead think hard about what you think would be appropriate and work well within a starter set.

The Contest does not start now. Instead get yourself familiar with the building process, and make some examples so that when you do submit your race, it will be the best one.

The best part is...... Yes, you will credited for the creation forever more. That means when it comes to production of the starter set, your race could be a part of it.

The Genesys Project is moving along quickly, and we will be printing the first tests for books before the years end. This is your chance to jump in and really see what you can do with the creator.

I will have more on this next week when we start the contest. For now, if you are not yet part of the Genesys Project, get your free product code to download the Core Rules and the Humanoids Primarius here

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